My name is Allen Ray and I use AC3D for my Second Life creations. I first joined Second Life out of curiosity. Once I was there and found out I could create items that everyone in-world could both see and use I was amazed. As an artist this was thrilling. So I began by just trying to wing it and see what I could build.

I started with house building in the Second Life sandbox, rezzing prims. (Rezzing is creating an in-world object such as a cube or cylinder or sphere). Every day I would take the different shapes provided in Second Life and bend, twist, stretch and color them. This was my way of seeing just what was possible. I studied who I felt were the master builders of SL. If you are aiming to be among the best you study who you think are the best. . Within a short time I was able to build and sell customized beach houses, which then led on to vehicle building. Shortly after, Second Life introduced Sculpted Prims. This was to change everything.

Like Sergio Santagada of X-plane I had to search for the right program. Before finding AC3D I had tried several programs. Wings 3d, Blender, and several in-world programs. Blender was way too crazy for me. I have a couple of nice programs in SL that I do use and that do work well, but hands down for me I have to say AC3D is by far the best and easiest to learn and use.

I'm always telling people how useful AC3D is for SL. Basically what it comes down to is I build parts for my models in SL. When I am building an offshore powerboat and I need a specific hull shape I use AC3D to create that. If I am building a bucket seat for the boat I use AC3D to make each cushion and shape I need. I do sometimes build the entire seat in AC3D and then save as .ac file then export to SL with the built in converter to make it a .tga file for SL.

These model parts that I create, combined with in-world prims, help to make incredible builds when done correctly. I use AC3D nearly every day, building everything from pirate hats to historic aircraft and just plain cool guy stuff. It is also the easiest program to learn. I was creating objects for Second Life within the first hour. With the use of AC3D we are helping to rebuild history one prim at a time.

..Allen (Clay) Ray. AC3D/Second-Life user

Clay Ellison in Second Life.