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Default Zepplin

Imagine the day when if you were lucky you could look up to see one of these flying overhead. The sound of the motors just bairly audible. Must have been an amazing site to see. So I hadn't built one in Second Life yet. This was a pretty simple build. Not many complex parts needed but the end result is pretty neet. I pushed the limits on size for SL. This thing is 100 meters by 15 meters diameter. A few pretty simple hand drawn textures and presto you have a good sized zepplin. Its scripted of course with a few bells and whistles and will hold 6 passengers. Thats really about the most you want for vehicles in SL. So here are a few shots! hope you like

Oh and for thouse of you who do not know the company that runs Second Life is Linden Labs so I figured a good name would be Lindenburg. rofl

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