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Default Re: Hello & Questions

So I'm starting to mess around with texture stuff now, playing around in Bryce experimenting with all the different blend methods and altering values. Gonna try out POV-ray soon, see how that is. Bryce has a sort of weird UI, too graphical/game-like for my taste

I downloaded this OpenFX thing too, haven't played with it to much, but I already dislike the control scheme haha. Seems interesting and has a lot of features and very mod'able, but somethin bout the UI that throws me off. If anyone wants to check it out though it's at .

1) Is there any way to stop it from triangulating all my surfaces upon being imported to Bryce? It's increasing the poly count on my gun like fourfold lol.

EDIT: ok figured out how to import images, guess you just cant do it for procedural textures.this is challenging though haha gonna have to find a tutorial, especially since Bryce doesn't seem to have a handy-dandy TCE like in AC3D. Jeez... isn't there any "simple" program that I can just say "apply this as a diffuse map, this as bump, this as specular..."

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