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Default X plane helicopter introduction

Greetings to the forum team,

I am a completely new user of the AC3D software but quite into 3d modelling using Siemens NX and Solidworks. A recent project of mine is the making of a model helicopter that could be usuable in the x-plane sim.
After a little bit of research I found out the following.
It is feassible to export a model from the solidworks environment as VRL1 data file and import it ijnto the AC3D in order to make all reevant animations and then export it as a .obj type that the sim "accepts".
To start with I have imported only the swash plate of the heli. In solidworks this file was an assebly file, made up of different parts (bearings, nuts, aluminum top and bottom structures). I did export ir as .wrl file and then import it into the AC3D in order to animate it (a simpe example that could show me how easy is to use the program). Note here that the actual heli model is a high fidelity model.
Despite all these I have seen many posts that describe that the actual sizing of the model did not remain the same after different imports/exports for a multitude of users. -- that means I am scepticle about the fissibility of what I am trying to achieve.--
Also please note here that in the Hierarchy tree all different parts of my model are presented as individual groups. At the start they were all grouped into a higher order group but after I ungrouped these they still end up at defferent groups. This can be seen below:

I want to group these individual parts together in different groups, but I want to appear as objects. I still have not found a way to achieve this. Later on I know how to import animations, but any 'hints' ar things that I should be cautious about would be much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance,
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