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Default Plugins:Animation and Video

I have used AC3D with the X-Plane plugin often and with unfailing success. What is often overlooked is using the animation testing feature that plugin offers to make animated video clips for AC3D screen captures. With some attention to detail in the Hierarchy panel some complex combinations of rotation and translation can be managed. Having done that successfully it follows that your work deserves publication and sharing as a video and that can be done with software you probably already have. I don't think you have to have X-Plane software installed to use their plugin in AC3D.

To make videos with the X-Plane plugin animating feature you just need captured motion clips and a video editor. I happen to have and use Replay Video Capture to capture motion from the monitor. These clips are usable by any Video editor like Windows Live Movie Maker or Roxio Creator that will make a sort of video slideshow of captured clips and still pictures. And the editors offer to save the production in the video format you choosing from high definition for TV to compact files for email. Your drawing is the actor, AC3D and plugin let the actor move, video capture is the camera, and post production is done in the video editor. The sky's the limit on you're video production and distribution. Its worth doing. A example of one of my AC3D based animated videos of Garage Door Lift Mechanism can be seen on YouTube through this link:

Its worth experimenting with. Tarzanaxx
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