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Try using the "Start -> Run..." command - this will bring up a console window where you can type commands.

To run AC3D from a command prompt, you'll need to type the full path to the AC3D executable, which you will follow with a "-debug" flag. This is basically the location of the ac3d.exe installation, plus an "ac3d.exe", plus the debug flag.

Mine looks like this:

"C:\Program Files\AC3D5\ac3d.exe" -debug
Make sure you put the full path+exe in quotes if there are any spaces in it, as I have done above.

This will output all of the info normally spit out to a new AC3D console window to the current console window, and the current window should not close when AC3D exits.

This will hopefully provide some more info as to what's happening.

Good luck,

BTW - if you need to copy anything from the console window, right-click the console's title bar and choose "Edit -> Mark" to allow selections with Left-mouse + drag (or use "Edit -> Select all" to select everything). Once your selection is highlighted, right click anywhere within the console area and the selected text will be copied to the Windows clipboard, and you can paste into email/notepad/etc.
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