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Prior to the adding the Video card it would load the work space but when I would touch an icon or attempted to work in a viewport it would lock up and freeze the machine and then reboot on its own, which is why I added the video card meaning in an attempt to stop this from occuring.

The video card is new, and is made by the same people who make the motherboard, it is a Volari XGi, Bright Pixel 3D graphics agp8x 64/128mg ddr 64 BIT Resolution 1600x1200. (I've had AC3D working before with onboard video only, but not on this machine).
After I added the Video card, AC3D will not load the workspace at all, meaning the program stops at the dos screen. But is does not lock up the machine or reboot as it was before.

Before the build of the new machine AC3D worked just fine (Old motherboard), no problems whatsoever, that was before the new machine was built, at that time I was running Windows ME. Now there is a New harddrive (Seagate 120 ATA), new motherboard, and same memory (512mg) and a fresh install of a new Windows 2000 Pro.

I called the tech rep for the motherboard and he says the board and video card are working fine. The rep had me download the latest drivers for the Video card. I have other graphic programs on the machine and they work fine including Paint Shop Pro, a word processor program and gmax.

On first loading of AC3D it never was normal on this machine, meaning a crash or failure at load? :?:
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