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Hi mate. Sorry for your troubles.
I looked at that Volari card and its definately not SLI. Its an AGP card.
SLI is basicly a card that can be paired with another of the same to improve performance. The PCIexpress type, unsuitable for your mobo, include some SLI cards and years ago the old V5 cards did this first but no AGP type. So your rep is blinding you with tech terms.
I suspect he's resorted to this rather than admit that theres problems with their 'less than the cost of a sandwich' batch of volaris. On the face of it the volari should work but why a desktop vid card should toute its battery saving feature as its' specs is suspect too.
As you say, AC3D doesnt need more oomph than you've got in your box. You've just been stopped by a bad card. Any good quality AGP card should work for you. A XF5500 should work too but dont fall into the same trap you need quality more than spec. $24 is too cheap.
Which card are you getting?

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