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First off, please accept my apologies for not responding. I've been terribly swamped and my ignorance in setting the notification replies option on the forum.

First of all, I suppose I need to clear up the controversy over the 'minutes' I spent. If I recall, that mess I modeled was maybe 15 minutes work. Dennis is correct that it is the edge extrusion method.

The way I started was with the eye, using the poly tool I created the eye shape and then edge extruded the circumference. Delete the internal polygon and then move on the rest. Once you are comfortable with edge loops and such you somewhat know where you're going. I've done a few heads and I follow the same steps, which is why I am still not good at it. However, the shapes are feeling easy to do but again when you've done it a few times it's not so bad.

Dennis is correct, I did very little vertex pushing and tweaking.

I have completed my review and I've posted it on SDM. I do have some edits to do, thanks to Andy, but all in all I feel I've portrayed the tool well.

AC3D Review

I really think AC3D is a fun tool to use and as I've illustrated it can be used with the best of other modelers. Andy confirms that most of what I've suggested for the product is on it's way and in some aspects is working in some development code.

I encourage you to participate on our forum in addition to this one, if not only to raise awareness of AC3D. I'm glad my thread stirred up some activity.


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