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Default Re: AC3D under Mac OS X Leopard

Originally Posted by Andy View Post
It appears that there is a problem with file dialogs when running the current Mac AC3D under the new Leopard system.

Rest assured - we are working on a fix and will announce it when ready.
BTW - Merry Christmas!!

(this is a MacBook Pro running Leopard)
I'm trying to import a DXF part that originally came from an SGI system.
I had a sample of 6 or 7 files, they all seemed to get "stuck" and
eventually crashed. Thinking it might be an issue with line endings, I
opened one up in TextWrangler and saved it with Mac and MS-DOS
line endings (modifying the file name for each so I could tell them
apart). When I tried to import the one with Mac line endings, I got a
"gas gauge" in the corner, it went part way across and then stopped,
eventually it crashed.

Could the issue quoted at the top also be related to this?
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