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Default Re: AC3D under Mac OS X Leopard

Originally Posted by captainpeter View Post
The DXF import definitely needs some improvement.
There are tons of different DXF file formats.
As far as I remember you'll need an ASCII DXF file which only contains lines and polygons and which was saved in AutoCAD R12 (or earlier?) format.

Here's some basic information:

I usually open DXF's in another 3D app and re-save them in a known good format.

I figured since it came from a company that pretty much defined the implementation. Obviously that was a bad assumption! I don't know that I have any other way to read in a dxf file.

On the other hand, I do have "profiles" of the objects. These profiles are x, y, z triples of an object as a line was traced in a line across an object. One of the guys in the office would generate a homegrown model to check for the proximity of two objects. We have software that generates a path the center of gravity an object follows, the generated model is referenced to the cg. Usually the objects are symmetrical along the longitudnal axis (the axis along which most of the points are taken).
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