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Default Re: AC3D under Mac OS X Leopard

Merry Christmas!

I've downloaded Blender, installed it, etc. I had installed the Mac developer tools earlier, looking for Python, I find MacPython-2.3, that seems to be close enough. Double clicking the "BuildApplet" icon, I get a brief flurry of activity and then nothing. I see there is a wxPython directory under documentation but that seem to be oriented around building widgets (those critters like a clock, stock quotes, - at least that's what I think they are, etc.) - I don't think those are what is needed. Blender evidently uses Python for at least the import & export functions.

I wonder if AC3D uses either Tcl/Tk (AC3D does use Tcl don't they?) Python for import/export?

(reading, experimenting and poking my way trying to remove this seemingly perpetual shine of newbieness!)
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