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Default Re: AC3D under Mac OS X Leopard

You need the Python 2.3 build of Blender for OS 10.4 and the Python 2.5 build for OS 10.5. (unless you custom installed another version of Python)
Python is pre installed in both Tiger & Leopard. Just launch Blender and you should be able to import. btw. DXF files are read into Blender via File->Open.
It is a native format for Blender - whatever that means.
I usually just use it as a import helper because of its ability to export AC format files.

I know Blender is a ugly workaround for a simple import problem into AC3D but it sometimes does the trick. Blender's import/export scripts usually work on Mac Linux and Windows (they are Python scripts - i.e. text files). AC3Ds plug ins need to be compiled from source to work on other platforms so Mac users can't use most 3rd party plug ins available here in the forum. (AC3D scripts usually work)

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