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Default Re: AC3D under Mac OS X Leopard

Originally Posted by UreyP3 View Post
Let me add to the problem list - I upgraded to Leopard, and since then, AC3D has been unusable.
1. If I click on the "load textures" option under Objects Menu - it crashes
2. If I do a "Save As..." - it crashes (and sometimes crashes during a simple "save")
3. If I export an X-Plane 8 object - it crashes
4. If I click on the "Help" option in the main window bar - it crashes
5. If I move the cursor over the "Help" option in the main window bar - it crashes
6. As I work on my would-be X-Plane object even though I cannot assign a texture to it and thus cannot actually use it in XPlane - it randomly crashes - cannot pinpoint any specific action or function that precipitates it.

I have downloaded the script patch you offered earlier - it still crashes in all of the above situations, nothing changed.
I re-downloaded AC3D and installed it afresh - still crashes.
I tried the above referenced script in the above referenced newly installed AC3D - still crashes.
i get exactly the same problems. AC3D is unusable for me now. i tried the workaround, no success, the 'help ' solved that problem, but it's still crashing.

it might be that we're still using PowerMacs. also ona G5 here, latest generation dual core.

any clues?
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