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Default Re: Sculptie Extrusion messing up UV Map

Originally Posted by Petite Pixie View Post
I'm not sure how these other people get belts to or other shapes to work where AC3D fails. I've done test after test and when ever theres a enclosed look even if not fully enclosed AC3D fails even with correct UV Mapping.
Belts work best if you set your mapping mode to TORUS will llSetPrimitiveParams. This lets you have a hole in the middle. If you don't change the mapping mode, the hole may not turn out right.

As far as how to do pipes... easiest way is actually just to divide the existing cylinder and grabs the verts and rotate.

There's an example horseshoe bend in this file. I bent half the arch, then mirrored it and mirrored the UVs to make it:
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