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Default Re: Sculptie Extrusion messing up UV Map

Originally Posted by lisa View Post
Belts work best if you set your mapping mode to TORUS will llSetPrimitiveParams. This lets you have a hole in the middle. If you don't change the mapping mode, the hole may not turn out right.

As far as how to do pipes... easiest way is actually just to divide the existing cylinder and grabs the verts and rotate.

There's an example horseshoe bend in this file. I bent half the arch, then mirrored it and mirrored the UVs to make it:
Lisa that arch is almost exactly what I am trying to do. Couple questions...

Fist..When i do the divde i select the serface inbetween 2 sets of verts and click Surface---Divide. I then get the divide but it also adds alot of verts to the mix. Am I doing something wrong?

Next...When you say mirror are you using the mirror function under Object?

Next... How r u creating the hole on the middle?

and last... can you give a script example of how you get the hole to show in SL?

Thanks a ton!

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