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Default Re: Sculptie Extrusion messing up UV Map

Originally Posted by lisa View Post
Other apps rely on having exactly 1024 vertices. The AC3D plugin uses the UV map not as a shortcut, but rather as a means to be able to import existing models that otherwise could not be made into sculpties. i.e. The same reason Maya uses nurbs for sculpties, it is a parametric representation.

It would be trivial to implement the methods other programs are using if its desirable, but you would be far more limited in the types of shapes possible.

That's all good but it's confusing and the results are not easy to get right unless you know how to work it by knowing how the code works and as an artist I don't care about how the paint is made or all the ingredients in them I just want to know I will get results. I'm not a software person or technical users and that's the main reason I bought AC3D was because it's very intuitive and easy to learn but I baffled as why even simple shapes have holes that need to be removed in the UV Map and what is the best way to do this. I've done some pretty nice meshes that should be simple enough to export to sculpty but often with very crappy results after spending 3 times as much time on fixing the UV maps than I did making it and it's getting so when I think of making something in AC3D I often don't bother because I don't want to spend hours on something that won't work.

As for limits the biggest limit is not getting anything to work at all.

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