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Default Re: Sculptie Extrusion messing up UV Map

I understand your frustration; I know uv mapping is hard to learn. I'll have to mull it over a bit, but if I can come up with a good auto-mapping algo I'll update the plug-in to include it.

FYI: I don't work for Inivis, and I don't get paid in real dollars nor Linden dollars for any of this. I wrote the sculpty plug-in for my own ease-of-use and thought it might be nice to share. Andy was so kind as to incorporate it into the AC3D distro and help to support it and the community, which I think is awfully gracious of him.

I try to help the AC3D community specifically because I do understand your frustration. I work in 3D for a living, and it took me many years to learn these "technical" things that you insist that artists shouldn't have to know. (I have to laugh a little at this one, no offense meant, because the art leads of the studio where I work went with me to Los Angeles just last week for some hardcore hardware and software design instruction. Art makes or breaks frame-rate way faster than code. ) That said, if I can help someone else avoid having to jump through the same hoops, then I'm all for it.

I do honestly want to make this easier for new users, and I am listening to your concerns. I have a couple of fixes to some other plug-ins that are on my to-do list first, but again, if I can think of a good way to make it easier without breaking existing functionality--or perhaps as a separate piece if it can't be done within the context of what's there--then I'm happy to add it.

Incidentally, *specific* wishes and criticisms are much more useful to improving the software. i.e. "I wish I had a tool that did XYZ function" is much more helpful than "Aieeee, it didn't work." Obviously, if it wasn't working for me the way it was, I wouldn't have written it that way, lol. I can only guess at the way other people use it unless you show me.
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