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Default Re: Sculptie Extrusion messing up UV Map

Well as a test I was making a pillar which you know about, and I had done the extrude, everything looked fine and I can always tell from the maps if they are going to fail. I did another and everything still looked good. It loaded up nicely in max and maya as well as zbrush, but in the viewer it looked all crazy - the extreme stretch. I'll mess with it later again and try to do something else to get a better explanation of what's going on with it.

Actually after posting this I just went back to messing with the TCE but I wanted to try an extrude for two eyes that protrude, it did it in that instance on one eye but not the other. I should have saved it but next time I see this happen, I'll post up a broken one so you can load it up yourself and see what's going on.

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