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Default Re: Sculptie Extrusion messing up UV Map

I am pretty sure the reason for your problem is same as I posted in AC3D Tutorials and How-To's , asking for exact definitions. Anyway for a sculptie you rather work with the dots and not the planes between them. A plane between dots in a sculptie is always flat by definition. I think there is the problem that most 3D programs work on a different definition than a sculpt. Making a sculpt is only approximative as I take it looking at the tools I get here. I recommend you to look at free sculptie programs to understand the definitions, like sculptypaints. If you use the logic after you understand the definition of the sculptie is then rather straightforward using AC3D. it gives nice results so far, though I would love if I had an exact reflection and not a aprrox. result. Sorry I am still new in normal 3D stuff, so I have problems to express me correctly. But I see that your planes are "bended" which would not result in a sculptie.
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