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Default Re: Defining surfaces and other new questions....

Hi Wes!

Originally Posted by Lucky1 View Post
1-I cannot seem to get out of wireframe mode. It is DeSelected in the 3D menu, but all I see are my wireframe lines. Is it the Sculpty Extrude option?
Wireframe can be set individually in both the orthogonal and 3D views, so make sure it's set off in the view you are looking for.

If toggling wireframe has no effect, it's possible your shape is set to polyline instead of poly. Highlight the surfaces and click the "poly" button in the lower right corner of the screen to switch the surface type. Note: it must be a closed surface to be solid. (i.e. a triangle or a square with all of the corners connected, versus just a line)

Originally Posted by Lucky1 View Post
2-This is most important: How can I tell it which points should make a surface? If I select all and choose "Sculpty Extrude" in the Surface menu it makes connections or associations I want to change. How do I tell it "No! These 4 vertices are to be connected."
Sculpty extrude is an alternative to the standard extrude that preserves texture space in a different way, unrelated to the command you're looking for.

To make a new surface from points, highlight the vertices in counter-clockwise order around your shape, then click "Create Ordered Surface" on the vertex menu.

Originally Posted by Lucky1 View Post
3-And finally, is there a way to add Subdivisions without the model getting all rounded?
Subdivisions, by definition, will smooth the model.

The amount of rounding is controlled by how far apart the edges are; you can get a less-round corner by moving your edges closer together or adding additional slices you your model. This post has some pictures that help explain what I mean:
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