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Default Re: Defining surfaces and other new questions....

Thanks Lisa!

It took a bit but I was able to "connect the dots" and that is exactly what I am looking for. I thought there was a way for it to connect/show all the surfaces, but defining them individually works for me too. Thanks.
Originally Posted by lisa View Post
Subdivisions, by definition, will smooth the model.
The amount of rounding is controlled by how far apart the edges are; you can get a less-round corner by moving your edges closer together or adding additional slices you your model.
Ya, the problem I was having was only adding subdivisions to one line of a part. But I was able to Unweld a joint and do it to only the line I intended.

But the problem I have now is getting that line to bend. How do I do that? Sometimes I grab the middle vertex and it just leaves the line, the line doesn't move, any idea why?

And sometimes, if I add subdivisions to the line and move the center point that will give the appearance of a curved line. But when I look at the 3D perspective the line will not look curved. How can I make a smooth, infinately adjustable curve? Making smooth accurate curves will be critical to me.

Thanks again!
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