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Default Re: Defining surfaces and other new questions....

Originally Posted by lisa View Post
There are a couple of other options. You can try "Create Convex Surface" and "Create 2D Mesh (Front/Side/Plan)". These will only work if your surface is convex or flat, naturally, but you can multi-select the points with these methods.
Oh ya...that's what I'm talkin' about....thanks!!!

Now I still need to talk about curving lines again.

I changed the view as you suggested and it worked, in that the lines are also now curved in the 3D window, so that's good, but when I apply a surface to it it draws it to the point, and not along the you know what I mean? It seems I need to add more and more points for it to draw the line that the only way?

Maybe let me put it another way......

What ways are there to draw a perfect curve that will show up curved after I apply the surface? Can you walk me through that?

I suppose one way it to plot a line from A to B, then I can add another vertex in the middle and pull that away to create a V shaped line. I subdivide that and it's nicely curved. But it won't fill in right, so I add more vertecies, but then it's no longer a nice smooth's changed.

I am also trying other programs that you can plot point A and then point B and arc the line in all kinds of infinate ways till you place point C, is there anything like that in this program?

Thanks again!
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