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Default Re: Defining surfaces and other new questions....

Thank you so much Lisa, you're a gem.

Well I'm officially in the club....I bought the program. What you showed me is just
amazing, and I think this program has about the right degree of complexity for me.
Though I still hardly know how to use it....I just hope I can get to the point where I
can do what I want with it, and I think with practice I will be able to.

Now your videos are just amazing (and fun to watch!) but perhaps we could go a
little slower and not use the extruding feature just yet? You see, the wireframe
model I am trying to make...well...I just think it would be easier to solve my problem
if we kept that off for now.

See, I have made a wireframe model and now I just want to curve one or two
lines, and then put a surface on it. Can we do that on each line I want without
making them 3D?

Let me put it another way perhaps.

Below demostrates my confusion, I will tell you how I did it.
-I draw a 4 point polyline to create a square shape, then doubleclick on the last point
-I highlight the entire drawing and select Subdivide+ 3 times
-I then choose "Select-Vertex"
-I then select the entire object and go to the Vertex menu and select
Create Convex Surface....and this is what I get.

So again, my problem is: what do I do when I have a complex drawing and all
I want to do is curve a line and fill in the panel?

Thanks again!
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