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Default Re: How to extrude a road segment?

Your road looks great. That and all your trucks look really sharp.

Another trick: You can also use "abuse of greeble" method to avoid re-texturing.

Use the cross section method Mossie suggested to build the base road. ("Road A") The mapping will be incorrect, as previously mentioned.

Next, make a single chunk of road that is correctly mapped as if you were going to use the replicator method. ("Road B")

Then use the Greeble tool and assign the single road section as a custom Greeble. Set the Greeble tool to 100% with 1 greeble per face, and greeble the original road (Road A) you made with the road section (Road B). This gives the same effect as if you had laid them all down via the replicator, but without having to position each piece.

Here's an older thread showing how to make a chain by abuse-of-greeble, but it's the same idea.
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