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Default Re: How do I make a prim like this in SL?

Thanks for the perspective. Now that's what I call some severe "low poly modeling"!!

I suppose, if you're driven by such a narrow restriction, you could use box modeling techniques to limit the number of primitives you create objects from... but it would be a harder way to do it than it would be to have the liberty to just create the shapes you need from a menu of primitives.

The other thing to consider would be what "rules" are used to determine what constitutes a primitive; (e.g., do replicated or mirrored copies count as the final number, or just as ONE original?) And how does the game engine "count" primitives?

Here's one example. Say you create a single plane for the floor, then use subdivision to create a square grid within that plane/floor; then position certain grid squares into areas from which pillars will emerge; then use Add Vertice and some rearrangement to make the pillar areas cylindrical in shape and then extrude them out of the floor. That would seem to be still ONE primitive... although you'd think that a cylindrical extrusion was not technically anything like a flat plane.

Interesting subject... I'm always used to thinking of modeling in terms of poly limits; how many triangles can a game engine handle in an object without causing "slide-show" stutters when displaying in-game animation? This Second Life paradigm seems to be another way of looking at it entirely!
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