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Default Re: Human Head model

Originally Posted by drwho View Post

Thank you very much for your kind comment, I have been modeling off and on for quite a few years now! I seen AC3D and decided to give it a try because it has a very straight forward user interface and the editing tools so far are very good also. The only thing I wish this great product would also have to make it a more complete package is also a character animation tool for rigging and animating your models. Does anyone know if inivis intends to add this on at a later time? This would be great if they did because I wouldn't have to use another application then for my rigging and animating then. Otherwise this is a very good modeling tool! 5 stars from me!
We've been asking for built in rigging and animated for years now.

From what I recall hearing, the answer is basically "The program was never intended to allow animation, and it would be an almost complete rewrite to make it work."

I would *LOVE* to see AC3D as a more fully developed suite, with animation and built in rendering, but I'm not holding my breath at this point.
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