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Well I only been using AC3d for about 2 weeks now.

But my buggest problem would have to be texturing using the texture coordinate editor. A example is when i first did the car tutorial, I was able to get the sides of the car textured fine but when I tried the top it would take backwards, then the whole texture and the more I tried correcting it the more it got messed up.
Some other problems are I saw a few models of modern planes and wanted to try a few(I was expecting poor looking ones, my skill level) but I have problems drawing a smooth fuselage/cockpits the only way I can get things to remotely resemble shapes of models I want is to edit every vertex.
Curved surfaces- example doing the car tutorial with rounded bumpers and overall appearance.
Currently I started on a beach scene small island, rock, and a palm tree. When I added water it seems to take away the 3d perspective of the land(land slopes so it appears to blend into water flatly) so I tried using a texture with a alpha channel in hopes that it would show the land underneath but still reflective when rendered in povray but it's not really working. Also I have no idea where to start with the palm tree branches, palms or whatever it's called. Each approach seems to work intensive(drawing each one) and yield poor results(looks horrible)

I guess overall I'm making the transition from hand drawing to computer drawing. So I think I need to look at it different but I don't know how, with hand art it's easy line, color, light, shadow and etc. With Computer art I know lighting is important and textures that's about it. I know some terminology but haven't worked with 3d modeling before outside of trying a few demo products.
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