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i'll go into more detail about the TCE later but to give you a better idea of making planes in AC3D you need to use the ellipse command a bunch. Draw an ellipse when move the vetices where you want them. Great blue prints or 3 - view drawings of the plane is a must on making the plane so its 1:1 with the real plane.

Load up your planes in the windows (i'll go more into this as well) then draw an ellipse and move the vertices to say the shape of the middle most part of the fuselage.

Then drag the ellipse to the nose of the plane and extrude it the lengh of the plane making sure you have enough segments to mold the new cylinder the shape of the fuselage. Don't worry about gear doors, cockpits, or tails. your just wanting the basic shape for now then you can go back and add details.

I'm heading off to work but i'll fill in the blanks more when i get back.
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