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The most important thing to have when it comes to modeling is patience. Everthing is done in stages, a little here, a little there. Even a great oil painting is created in stages. You start out with a rough sketch then add in your basic shapes. You then go on to build up layers of color until you have the finished product.
Think of modeling the same way. Don't have it in mind that when you start, it's going to look like the finished product right off the bat. As far as your texture editor, when you bring it up just click and drag a box over your vertices to select them all, then in the lower left hand corner you'll see 2 buttons that read "cw", and "ccw" which stands for clockwise and counter clockwise. Just hit the button till your texture spins around to the right direction.
As far as plane modeling, you'll definately need at least 3 views of a plane to go off of. Top, side, and front view will be needed. When you start, just go to front view and create an elipse and size it so it matches the size and shape of the nose. Select all the vertices then click on "surface" then extrude the elipse maybe an 1/8 of the way toward the back of the plane. Now select all vertices of the newly extruded section then look at it in top view. Scale it to size from the top view, then go to side view and scale it to height while moving it up or down to match the picture.
Continue doing this, extruding and scalling, till you finish off the tail. Depending on how much detail you want, you may only have to extrude 7 to 10 times.
As far as your water thing, you can adjust the reflective level and transparency levels by right clicking on the color in the bottom left corner the select edit.
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