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Default Re: AC3d Winter Model-A-thon

Originally Posted by Dennis
Hi cowboy

As a hobbyist game developer, and I use AC3D to develop level and model info for my personal game engine. Unfortunately, I'm in full-on development mode in my spare time, so haven't hit the point where I'm doing a lot of modeling/mapping (just enough for test purposes). However, for the record, I'd definitely be interested in getting into this in the future.

Hope you have a great turnout!

BTW, if this catches on, maybe Andy could get hold of some AC3D merchandise (cups and t-shirts) as prizes. Probably cost more to ship to some customers than the product is worth, since he's pretty much all over the globe, but it still *seems* like a good idea...
Thanks Dennis!! Be sure to drop by more often, who knows what event's are planned in the future :wink:
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