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Default Re: N00b needs Help on POVRAY

The rendering output, by default, is found in ac3dpovfile.bmp, in the AC3D directory. BMP's can easily be converted to JPG by any number of programs. I'm not aware of a switch that causes POVRay to output JPG directly, but there may be one.

Changing the rendered background color is really quite easily done with a sky sphere. Edit the ac3dpovfile.pov file, go to the end and add:

sky_sphere {
pigment { color rgb<1 1 1> }

I believe that should give you a white background. Change the <1 1 1> to whatever RGB values you like, using 0 for 'off', 1 for 'on' and decimal values in between for partial values.

I do not know how to change background color without a sky sphere, but I expect POVRay's scene description language help-file would tell you how if there is another way.

Good luck,
-- Jeff
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