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Default Re: N00b needs Help on POVRAY

Originally Posted by DavkeG
hey i just found out how to change the background color:
at the bottom add:

background { color rgb <0.2, 0.2, 0.3> }

not really sure what the numbers do though, 'cause i always seem to be getting a white bkgr whatever number i fill in...

Hi, an intermediate user here. Numbers in color statement mean the amount of rgb (red, green and blue) that compose the color. POV has a way to ease this.
Use and as basic include headers. You can open in the editor and take a look. Many colors are "declared" there, so you can use for example

background {Black} or pigment { Red} which is more intuitive and easy to work with.

Hope this helps

Marjorie Graterol
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