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Default Re: N00b needs Help on POVRAY

Originally Posted by DavkeG
hi thanks for the reply
I'll be sure to try it next time.
Has anyone ever thought of making a list of the available colors in this way?
Otherwise I'll try to write down every color that happens to work when I try it
Sure :P

Yes, there are many colors in this way. And you can use and reuse them, for everything including lights. With POV you can customize your own, and even make different pigments out of You can also add them to the original file, but it is not 'safe', because sooner or leter, like Murphy's law, it will end up messed up. :-)

I have some old textures and pigments posted for downloading. However, I'm sure you'll find a lot over the net.

I enjoy creating my pigments and procedural textures. It is very easy with any color management tool. For this, check under resources, reference section, applications (right bar). Most of them are free to use,

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