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Default Re: N00b needs Help on POVRAY

Long time since I don't work with POV, and it would be very useful to take a look at the code you're writing. However I'd venture to tell you:

- Use color_maps for your pigments. Try with those coming in the manual first, to experiment a bit with them.

- Take a closer look at normal and verify the value. Change it to see how it modifies the 'surface'.

- As far as I remember, use specular in the finish block, and follow some guidance -in the manual also-, some other components should be at zero.

- ambient and diffuse values are usually overlooked. Check them, they make a big difference sometimes.

-Regarding the code, which I have not seen-, check the syntax. You can use texture components (v. 3.5 ) alone or in a texture statement:

pigment {...}
normal {...}
finish {...}

Hope this helps.
PS. POVRay has many proprietary newsgroups, including one for new users and many tutorials. Please take a look at
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