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Default Re: How to extrude a road segment?

You can, it is about know how far you can push the TCE.

Select the whole road and map it to the texture, then in the TCE map it so the road surface is on top of the model.

Now you should see a curved road on the texture and not lined up at all.

Depending how much curve you have will depend on how far you'll have to push the mapping around.

Move the mapped area off the side of the texture, you need to do this to allow you working room and not to allow the model to get in the way.

Select each segment, remap it to the texture, or just select Max. The segment will now fit the texture, but may be off centre or angled.

Then switch the TCE from surface to vertex. You then select all the left hand edges and straighten them up along the left hand edge or the road texture. Do the same for the right hand side.

Continue to do this for each road segment.

Now you have a curved road mapped to a straight texture.

Hope this description helps.
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