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Default Re: How do I make a prim like this in SL?

I can't imagine how it's possible for ONE PRIMITIVE to create that entire building.

For that boardwalk, perhaps one slat can very quickly be duplicated and laid side by side using AC3D's Replicator function.... but, technically, each replicated item would be its own primitive.

But, I'm hard pressed to imagine using box modeling techniques and starting with one box, ending up with that entire building using nothing but subdivision and extrusion stemming from just the one box.

Also, why would you need or want to limit yourself to one box anyway? It's not that much work to use one (duplicated) primitive for the pillars, an extruded plane for the walls, etc.. And, if any of them should be cylinders instead of boxes, or planes, or disks, or whatever, why is it a problem to need to use more than one primitive?
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