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Default Iolair Tactical Fighter

Hey all, been a long time since I've been here. Over two years, actually.

Well, I figured I'd come back in as strong as possible, so I decided to show my Iolair Class Tactical Fighter. Iolair (not LOL-air) is the Gaelic word for Eagle. It's part of my own 25th century Star Trek project. Hopefully she gets accepted to the Journal of Applied Treknology, since I submitted her to it recently. All the stats and specs are in a really long article I wrote for her. She's about 23 meters long, warp capable, and well armed.

As always, modeled in AC3D, then rendered in POVRay.

Why yes, these are on my DeviantART page. Why yes, I would appreciate more pageviews. Why yes, that is the link to my page in my signature. Why yes, I'm being ingratiating. I'll stop, sorry about that.
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