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Default Re: 3-Sweep, Instant 3D Models from 2D Photographs

Yes indeed clever, but note that most shapes were converted to circular symmetry (tubes, pipes, square pillars). A photograph of an elliptical object would probably be converted to a circular cylinder. The edge detection and inference of lengths is very clever, but makes assumptions about the amount of perspective in the original photograph. The angle of view is (I think) inferred from the conversion of an ellipse (the appearance of a circle at an angle) to true circular shape. If the original object is not circular then the inference will be invalid. At the beginning of each conversion some mouse operations were needed to identify a square or circular base shape; then the rest of the shape is created to fit the edges. The model tobacco pipe appears to be circular along the stem, rather than flattened at the point placed in mouth (don't try this at home) as in real pipes. Very quick though.
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