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Default Re: Importing Blender files into AC3D

if you want to bring animations for X-Plane from Blender to AC3D you have to go via the X-Plane (native) .obj file format.
Use the X-Plane exporter in Blender, then import into AC3D using the X-Plane plugin. There is no other way.

You can export direct to AC3D format from Blender using a python script, but without animations! There are sep. scripts for Blender 2.49 & Blender 2.5+. My own experience with the new exporter are minimal though. It works, but with lots of caveats.


Originally Posted by papamac View Post
Andy, I know all of that. I was just using Wavefront as an example. I really don't care what format is used for the export as long as AC3D can import it. In older Blender versions, prior to 2.5 I believe, we were able to export animations into AC3D but no longer. I was hoping that somebody had developed a plugin or knew of a procedure to follow to retain the animations in the transfer.
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