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Default Re: Mesh Webbing Distorts Uploading to Second Life

Thank you. I always make sure to display and check my normals before exporting and importing. As far as the concave surfaces, I have tried several objects using those, and none have worked successfully for me. Everything from a simple bottle or vase, to simple concave shapes such as this, and I always get that webbing, (unless I triangulate, which only breaks up the object's surface, as I mentioned.)

I have seen what people are capable of producing in AC3D, and to have this limitation is frustrating. If anyone has any solutions, please I would be happy to hear anything I can try to solve this.

Right now, I will try to break the object into two separate sides, and see if that helps anything. It will force me to work with two surfaces that need to be mapped and matched once imported into SL, but that may be my only option.

Thank you for responding. ;-)
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