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Default Re: Walk Mode Problems with Tilt

Sorry I forgot to say I'm on OSX 10.15.7.

control up arrow - is tilt but control down arrow 'shows all windows of the front app' a mac keyboard shortcut
option up/down arrow - is zoom in/out
cmd up/down arrow - is up/down

control left/right - does nothing
option left/right - is sideways pan
cmd left/right - is move left/right

larger movement-
control+shift up/down arrow - is tilt.
option+shift up/down arrow - is zoom in/out
cmd+shift up/down arrow - is up/down

control+shift left/right -is sideways pan
option+shift left/right - is sideways pan
cmd+shift left/right - is move left/right

On the mouse buttons in the 3D view-
zoom - is zoom in/out and sideways pan
up/down - is tilt and sideways pan
tilt - is sideways left/right and up/down

Now that I've figured it out, I can get it to work but that was driving me nuts. I thought I was being totally uncoordinated.
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