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Originally Posted by nightoftheroundtable
well basically from what I have learned on ac3d. there are other ways of getting the same result. one way you could have gone is to use the hole tool in ac3d. but I think I would have used somthing that I have developed over the past few months with help of others. I call this the panel method. through complex manipulation of vertices an lines. you can manipulate a surface property to get what ever geometric shape you desire. if you want I can post an example of my findings. this panel method of mine has helped me out greatly. without it I dont think I would have gotten very far.
The problem with the hole tool applied to a non round surface (square, rectangle ...) is that you end up with a non round hole ... Of course you can then add some vertices, move them a bit trying to have a good rounded hole, but it becomes much more complex than the 2 methods I was talking about.

Feel free to post you panel method here.
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