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Default Re: Defining surfaces and other new questions....

Couple of options there.

You can multi-select, and extrude them all at once if they are all facing the same direction.

Otherwise "extrude by distance" will extrude the surface by an exact value in the direction of the surface normal. This is probably what you want if you're looking for precise values. You can toggle normal display on and off on the 3D menu to know which direction the surface will be extruded. The normals are the little pink hairs that appear when display normal is on. They show which way the surface faces.

The extrude button is the third button on the top row in the sidebar. If you click that, your other extrude options should show up in the panel below. On a side note: Don't get this confused with the "sculpty extrude" button, I know there was some mix-up about that earlier. Sculpty extrude is a Second Life thing, as SL has some particular constraints beyond what the built-in extrude does. The standard extrude is much more powerful.
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