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Default Export plugin configure dialog

Hi Folks,

I've managed to write a plugin that exports from Ac3d to the OGRE mesh and material format. Which is nice.

But I'd like the user to be able to configure the exporter in a couple of ways, for example; to scale the mesh on export, to collapse all the objects into a single OGRE sub-mesh.

I imagine this can be done in tcl/tk, but I'm afraid I wouldn't know where to start with this! So, a couple of questions;
1) Do I have to supply a tcl script or can I execute the commands to build up a configuration dialog 'on-the-fly' from the exporter?
2) Is there a mechanism within exporters for writing values to (so I can save the config preferences between exports), and reading them back from, the UI widgets I create?
3) Can anyone recommend a simple guide to tcl? Bearing in mind that the dialog will probably be very basic!

Thanks for your time.
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