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Default Re: Corners and Short Cuts

I think subdivide is the probably the best way to make a rounded cube but try it again and start with a block say 8x8x8 (or use Surface->divide 3 times on a basic cube), then subdivide. This will make the corners "tighter". If there are large areas where you want to reduce the surfaces, select an area and use Surface->Combine to make it a single polygon.

For a quicker export access, show Files->Export-selection - this can stay open. Set the selection-type to All, select the export-type, browse to set your filename, and you can click the Export button every time you want to save.

For a shortcut, you can put this text in a file (e.g. keys.tcl) in the scripts folder:

bind . <Control-e> "ac3d exporter_select_file OBJ8Save"

This should work for control-e but you can edit that as desired, some keys are already used of course.
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