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Default Woman (Warning: Barbie Doll Nudity)

So, I've been snowed in at home, so no work (hurray for salary positions and snow days). I'm playing WoW, but I'm camping a rare spawn for a mount, which is boring beyond description.

Hey, lets make a mesh to help kill time. Been wanting a base female I could work off of to make different characters out of, so I scoured the internet for some orthos and got something close enough to work with, and made this.

I plan on adding hair and clothes of some sort next (after I finish the eyes), but I'm rather proud of how this one came out. It still amazes me how nice the automatic subdivision can make things look, especially considering how jagged an unappealing the unsubdivided base model for this thing is.

Working poly count: 1,769
Subdivided poly count: 26,180
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