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Default Re: Gile[s]...did any one know about this?

Originally Posted by mconn1
Has anyone tried Maxon's Cinema 4D or Bodypaint 3D? I picked up the demo at the GDC/IGF last week. But I haven't had a chance yet to try it out.
yes both are great application, I like body paint with it and AC3d you can do some mean stuff. The thing to watch out about with these expensive apps is that they have bugs and very long periods of time before they are patched, and a lot of missing features that one application may have and another doesn't. I mostly am interested because of the renderers and the animation tools(learning animation principles while I wait for AC3d animation system)

At first I thought learning it would be cool because I could get models up quickly in ac3d and refine them in Lightwave before animating and rendering in lightwave. But I quickly grew a big dislike for the modeler and the tools so I'm just learning animation with it now. That's what happens when you truly get comfortable with AC3d's workflow. It is just so intuitive, once Andy finishes the animation system and a few other things AC3d is going to BE turning EVEN more heads than it already is. I got a lot of tips from Veterans they said just about everyone has their secret app they use on the side of the main application. So while their studio may say they use maya or max a lot of artist do work with their favorite tools export/import then tweak and use those expensive application for the one or few features they've bought them for. Not everyone does this but I just feel like it was a good idea for instance. If I had not used ac3d then I would not understand hardly anything about 3d modeling. It actually help me learn the Lightwave better, the whole time I was going along like I can do that quickier in AC3D, or ac3d it goes like this, counter clockwise and etc.
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