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Default Re: Avenger Class Starship

Forward exhaust port: Vectored port for high speed reversing.
Three rear exhaust ports: Vectored ports for enhanced maneuvering at high speed.
Dark gray greebling: Spatial membrane contour localization sensors. Detects the contour of the universal membrane.
Dome: Spatial membrane contour dampeners. Smooths out distortions in the universal membrane
Rectilinear objects: Specialized sensors for vectored impulse thrust. Work in conjunction with the other two components to determine direction and thrust from each exhaust port.

Make sense?

Some of these systems have to deal with qualities of space assumed by String (aka M) Theory. I'm kinda taking a bit of artistic liberty with the whole theory, but it basically follows the assumption that the universe is a 10 dimensional membrane. Should I explain this whole theory or no?
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