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Default Re: Sword of Omens for 3D Printer WIP

Welp, I guess I have something to do until the printer gets here.

I was reading up on scaling models correctly for shapeway, and it mentioned that one blender unit = 1 mm printed. Assuming "1 blender unit" is equal to one square on their default grid, I exported a 2x2 gridsquare cube into AC3D. It was 2 of the larger grid squares big (aka 20 of the grid squares you normally see when you start the program).

I had been working off the assumption that 1 small grid square in AC3D = 1 mm when in reality its 1 big square = 1 mm.

This sword mesh is now nowhere near detailed enough for a full scale print.

Gotta remake it from scratch again, at 10x the resolution this time!

I'm going to have to break out of my "less is more" mentality when it comes to modelling if I'm going to make stuff to print. You can always make something look better by throwing obscene amounts of polygons at it, but I suppose when you're going to print something out that can be measured in feet you really do need those hundreds of thousands of polies.
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